Born in the beautiful town of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region of France, Bastien Blanc-Tailleur has always been passionate about pastry-making.

“As far back as I can remember, I never missed a chance to eat patisseries. I can think of nothing more delightful than the simplicity of a good chocolate mousse, the fluffy texture of brioche or the crunch of flaky pastry.”

In his teens, his passion became his livelihood, starting with a job near Deauville, laying the groundwork for his future career.

He moved on to work in Toulouse, then Paris, never wavering from his goal of excellence and participating in a number of professional competitions along the way.

“Rigor, passion and self-sacrifice have enabled me to master the many facets of professional pastry-making. It took years of hard work and perseverance to achieve the savoir-faire I use today to make my unique creations.”

An accomplished pastry chef, he has held the position of assistant pastry chef in several prestigious Parisian establishments such as the Carette tea room, the three-star Pavillon Ledoyen restaurant and Four Seasons Hotel George V.

He deployed his cake decorating expertise in each of these illustrious kitchens, seizing the opportunity to create his first wedding cakes. Building on this experience and driven by the desire to take his passion for decorating to the next level, he created his own studio in 2015, providing services for high-profile events.

Bastien Blanc-Tailleur is recognized as one of the best wedding cake pastry chefs in France and across Europe.

Boasting 10 years of pastry-making experience at the most eminent Parisian establishments, he founded his own creation studio in 2015 to devote himself 100% to his art.

In his Parisian workshop, Bastien crafts handmade, bespoke wedding cakes, each one a work of art in its own right.

Adorned with true-to-life sugar flowers, edible lace and gilded foliage, his creations can require up to several months of work.

“The main ingredient is always time: the time spent working with the future bride and groom, coming up with ideas, going over sketches, the time to develop a recipe and, especially, the time devoted to making the cake and its decorations.”

Bursting with creativity, he carefully develops the style and ingredients with each couple, taking into account their tastes, the wedding decor and reception venue. He sometimes goes so far as to match the cake with the bridal gown.

“The cake is one of the highlights of any wedding, so it must be a showstopper, absolutely unforgettable.”

The pastry chef’s clientele includes celebrities and members of royal families as well as people celebrating their event out of the public eye.

At his studio, Bastien creates unique cakes for Parisian receptions held at prestigious venues such as Palais Garnier, Elysée Palace, Château de Vaux le Vicomte, Ritz Paris, etc.
His wedding cakes can also travel worldwide to make any event unique.

The works of Bastien Blanc-Tailleur have been featured in a number of articles in the press and enjoyed coverage on French television (see press review).

He is often called upon to give Master Classes in France and abroad, giving him the opportunity to share his unique know-how with professionals and amateurs alike.

Our clients are looking for French excellence and savoir-faire. Each request is considered individually, every creation is custom-made.

Most of our focus and time is devoted to wedding cakes, but clients also call on us for other milestone events such as birthdays, corporate functions, Bar Mitzvahs, Baptisms and Partnerships. The same passion and precision goes into every cake, no matter what the event.


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Over the course of many years, Bastien Blanc-Tailleur has cultivated a rare savoir-faire. His wedding cakes are much more than just a special dessert; they are designed to be works of art on which every detail is meticulously hand-crafted.
Plus, Bastien takes personalization to new heights by creating his own cake molds and tools for every order. With infinite patience, he creates each sugar flower, one petal at a time, to embellish his creations.

“My clients love the ultra-personalization of their cake. On their special day, they want to share something unique with their guests, something one-of-a-kind”

Pastry-making is a precise art where nothing can be left to chance. To develop bespoke recipes, Bastien selects the choicest French ingredients: Charentes butter, Ciflorettes strawberries, Menton lemons, Tahiti vanilla, elderflowers, Grand Cru chocolate, etc.

He meticulously weighs, blends and transforms noble raw materials into exquisite creations.

“Beyond the visual impact, my clients choose my cakes for their flavor. They are all made in the great French pastry-making tradition, internationally renowned for its finesse.”

Master Class

As much as he loves making wedding cakes, Bastien also loves teaching and sharing his passion for pastry making in general. He spends over 40 days a year teaching the art of cake decoration, sharing his unique savoir-faire in France and around the world. Invited by schools and trade shows, he organizes Master Classes and individual or group workshops.

He has already taught more than 2000 people in over 15 schools and training centers. Bastien Blanc-Tailleur also teaches pastry-making basics to groups of students to help them master the classics of French pastry, as well as develop their talent and creativity. He strives to introduce new ideas, encouraging students to think out of the box and develop a style of their own, while providing the keys and secrets of the trade.

“By teaching the basics, I stay connected to the reality of the profession and have the opportunity to meet pastry-making students who often have very interesting stories to tell.”

If you would like to participate in an upcoming training session or organize an individual course, simply fill out the attached contact form.


Bastien Blanc-Tailleur has been a recognized pastry chef-designer for many years. His creations have already been featured in a number of press articles and TV news stories.


They trusted us

N. & A. September 2021

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this cake. It was absolutely beautiful with all of these details. All my friends called me the next day to tell me how much she had loved. "

N. & A. September 2021

E. & Z. July 2021

"I was so excited to see you bake my wedding cake. It is a great honor for us to have been able to see one of your creations. All of these details .... Just WOW. Well done, it will stay in our memory forever."

E. & Z. July 2021

A. & A. April 2017

« A big thank you for this beautiful cake, it was as beautiful and majestic as in my dreams .... »

A. & A. April 2017

Your questions

Each of our cakes is custom-made for a specific client, making it impossible to provide a product list or catalogue per se.
Plus, in order to respect client confidentiality and privacy, we are not able publish certain photos.

Our website is designed to give an overview of our style and services.
We are continually trying new techniques and designs, and create models of our work which are frequently published in magazines or featured in photo shoots.
To see some of our latest creations, check us out on the social networks.

It is impossible to give a price range since, like every cake, the price is made to measure.
We establish an estimate taking into account a number of factors such as how many portions, the complexity of the decorations and the height of the cake.

Occasionally, a smaller cake can take longer to produce than a larger cake and, as a result, its price will be higher as well.
Our minimum order is €7500 excluding taxes and any delivery charges.

We require a 50% down payment when the estimate is signed. The balance is due one month before the date of the event.

The sky’s the limit! We offer an extensive range of flavors, cake types and textures (Pain de Gênes, butter cake, fruit cake, sponge cake, mousse, compote, etc.), all hand-crafted with our expert cake-making techniques and savoir-faire.

Precision is one of the keys to a cake’s success. That’s why we talk taste with you during our first meeting, to learn more about your favorite flavors. We also take into account any food restrictions (i.e. gluten free, intolerances, religious restrictions, kosher or hallal, etc.).

If you dream of having a particular flavor for your cake, we can develop a recipe especially for you.
We also offer a list of favorite flavors from which to choose, if you prefer.
In either case, you will be invited to one or more tasting sessions to validate the recipe before the order is finalized.

We don’t like our clients to rush into anything, and encourage them to take their time before making a final decision.
However, we cannot guarantee the price or availability before the order is confirmed with a down payment.
Most couples reserve our services six months to one year before their event.
We can accommodate ‘rush’ orders. However, last-minute orders (less than one month before the event) can be subject to additional charges.

Generally speaking, the entire cake is edible, including the flowers, decorative elements and gilding which are all made of sugar and tinted with food coloring.

However, the presentation of the cake is a capital moment on your wedding day and should be exceptional in every way. That is why our clients sometimes ask us to make the cake design more impressive by adding dummy tiers or sections.

In this case, the lower tiers of the cake are not edible, but are decorated identically to the upper, edible tiers. This technique enables us to propose spectacular creations without necessarily making more cake than you need for your guests.
Occasionally, for large events, the client asks us to make only one edible tier. While the newlyweds cut the cake in front of their guests, pieces of cake have already been cut and arranged on plates behind the scenes. Guests are then served more quickly and smoothly. This option also enables us to dress each cake plate more elegantly as befits fine dining.  

Except in very rare cases, we are always present with our team on the day of the event.
Our creations can be quite heavy and are always very fragile, which is why we cannot allow third parties to handle our cakes.  
Moreover, it is very often necessary to add some finishing touches before the presentation, which is why our presence is indispensable and included in all of our estimates.

Our client is king! We deliver our cakes to wherever you are holding your event.
We know that standard freight companies cannot guarantee safe transport of our cakes which is why we prefer to delivery them ourselves.
For all orders in the Paris region, there is no delivery charge. For orders in the rest of France and nearby countries, we calculate delivery costs which are added on to the estimate.
Orders for distant destinations can require a private or chartered plane. While this option is costly for the client, it is entirely possible.
In any case, our presence is still required on the day of the event to assemble the cake and add the finishing touches.


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